Dolomites – June 15, 2012 – By Natalia

In the morning we drove to the Dolomite Mountains.

getting there



Sound of Music …



breath taking

We visited Castelrotto, a German-speaking town in northern Italy. that has charming wood carver shops.

wood carvings


After touring the town and a picnic lunch we took the gondola up into the mountains intending to rent bikes and tour the mountains.


When we reached the bike shop, lance and I got a mountain bikes.  We did not think that the mountain bikes would be different from our street bikes.  Big mistake.  Dad got a mountain bike too, and  a cart for Julian and max to ride in behind him.   We practiced for a while then set out.

It only took a few minutes for Lance and I to realize that the mountain bikes were completely different from our bikes. We couldn’t stay in control while going downhill. Dad realized that there was no way he could ride up the hills trying to lug Max and Julian behind him. At the next downhill I crashed into Max and Julian’s carriage,  and then got out of the road just in time to avoid a huge tractor. In dad’s words I’m ” Coordinated as an Ox on wheels.”  Dad was afraid for Lance and I’s chance of staying in one piece while on the bikes, so we cut the ride short, returned the bikes and then enjoyed the mountain scenery from a restaurant, with some refreshing coca cola!


We continued driving that afternoon and evening and drove through the Sella pass, or the highest point of the Dolomite Mountains.  Another milestone 🙂

the pass

Sella Pass

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