Padua – June 12, 2012 – By Natalia

The next day I insisted that we visit Padua.  We experienced some delay getting to Padua due to a stop at a confusing Italian supermarket to get water, toothpaste, shampoo etc.  The store’s layout confused us.  Can you believe we were lost in the store? Eventually we figured out the maze and found our way out of the store.

Now, to get back on track and get to Padua.  Why Padua?  St. Anthony of course!  Who is St. Anthony?  Google him! 🙂

Arriving at Padua, we realized we had to do laundry before having fun.  This is not an easy task because we must find a laundry and most of the internet  maps  don’t guide you to laundry places.  While searching for a laundry we happened to meet an old  man who told us there was a Lavanderia on the street.  Our bags of laundry and utter confusion must have explained our need.  🙂  We were so happy  we felt like bear hugging him!   When we finished the laundry in mid afternoon, we decided to go see the shrine.

Our mother always tells us to ask St. Anthony to pray for us, and it never hurts to have all the saints praying for you.  He is also one of my favorite saints.

We found St. Anthony’s Basilica. It is an amazing remembrance for a man who dedicated himself to God.  Fortunately, we arrived in time for mass.  It was wonderful to spend some peaceful hours thanking God for all of our blessings and pondering how much St. Anthony loved God and how he dedicated himself to living God’s will.

Saint Anthony’s

Tomorrow we will explore Verona.  I can’t wait to see Juliet’s house.

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