Taormina’s beach – June 9, 2012 – By Natalia

Our last evening in Taormina had been so peaceful, so we decided to spend another day  at the beach. The big question is how do we get down to the beach? Taormina lies atop a cliff, and the beaches sprawl below.  Though we see people on the beach we don’t see a way to that beautiful water. We knew the locals and tourists  had a way to get to the beach, so we walked up and down the street looking for it. Finally we found a windy staircase that led us to a beach in front of Taormina’s main resort.

The steps

We immediately bought five beach chairs for the day and proceeded to just lie there. What made the beach even better was the island that was swimming distance from shore.

The island

Later that day we bought a life-sized floatie shark and tried riding him to the island. Unfortunately the combined weight of my brothers and I was too much for the shark and his fins popped.  It didn’t help that Max felt he needed to grab both fins as hard as he could to stay afloat.  Following the floating shark demise, the boys got a net and went fishing.  Dad and I lounged in the sun and read books on the beach chairs.

Another perfect beach day….

Relaxing on the beach

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