Naples – June 2, 2012 – By Natalia

It took us while to get to our destination…Naples.

The trip took longer due to our side tracking.  We found a target-like-store (popular in Texas) on the way there and couldn’t resist stopping :),   but we finally made it to Naples.

Dad planned on parking in a garage he found online.  The garage was sketchy…very sketchy…not at all what the website stated.  We found another parking lot close to the train station that was a much safer option.  The we set out to see the sites and eat lots of great food.



Our goal was to eat as much Neapolitan pizza as we could. The first pizzeria was Cantica Pizzeria da Michele, open all day and packed!  We got our number (ninety-four) just as they called “fifty”.

number ninety-four

For such a long wait…we expected incredible  pizza.  After a few hours, of standing in line with other serious patrons…we heard number “Ninety four”  called out.  We rushed inside to see a tiny white tiled seating area across from the open pizza kitchen.

It didn’t take us long to decide what we wanted to eat, since the only options were “margarita” or “marinara” pizza.  We were starving and ordered four whole pizzas. When the pizza arrived we realized that it was definitely worth waiting for!  Everything tasted fresh, lots delicious cheese,   and an amazing sauce! Yummy!


If  you thought we did not want more  pizza, think again.   While waiting for the next  pizzeria to open  we walked to all the famous plazas, then took back alleys to the restaurant. The alleys in Naples are magical at night.   You can see street lamps just lighting up, clothes hanging from one wall to another, locals lounging or playing soccer,  Vespa’s coming out of nowhere, and buckets full of groceries being hauled up by the people in the higher apartments.


In the Alley

Looking Up

We beat the usual Saturday night crowd to Pizzeria Trianon, so won seats on the third floor overlooking the lively streets.

Third Floor Window

You are right if you think we ordered a lot of pizza.  This time with lots of different  toppings…more seriously great pizza. 🙂

More Pizza

Did I mention it is Republic Day in Italy?  A four-day weekend with fireworks everyday.  Fireworks light up the night sky.  I love Italy.

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