Vatican City – May 27, 2012 – By Natalia

We intended to get up early to take the 8:00 am metro to Vatican City and beat the crowds to see the Vatican museum. That did not happen. Sleeping in was just too big of a temptation:)

We arrived in Vatican City around 11:00 am, and saw the swiss guards in their striped pantaloons.

Swiss Guard

On Watch

The incredible architecture stunned and amazed us. Upon entering the walls we stood admiring the surrounding columns, Saints looking down from above, and St. Peter’s Basilica.

Vatican City

Julian wearing dad’s cowboy boots at the Vatican

Once we saw the enormous lines, we realized that we needed to make a game plan. Our shock doubled when a guard told us that the museums last entry for that day was scheduled for 12:30 pm, and it was 12:00 pm! We ran at full speed to the museum thinking  the lines were too long to get in.

Vatican Museums

Amazingly we made the last entry, everyone jostled and rushed in with us!  We had two hours to see the museum, and we saw everything from ancient Greek statues, tapestries depicting Christ’s life, and ancient Egyptian artifacts.  There were still so many things to see, we need a lifetime to really take it in.

Greek statues

So beautiful

The icing on the cake was standing under the roof of the Sistine Chapel! I can’t even imagine how MichaelAngelo envisioned such a masterpiece, let alone painted it!

Sistine Chapel

God made man

The day’s wonders were not over. After the museum closed for the afternoon, we got in line for St. Peter’s Basilica. It was really hot, but the line moved quickly and soon we stood inside admiring walls covered in gold, marble angels, and sculptures! We slowly moved from the Pieta, to the surrounding chapels, just trying to take everything in.

Inside St. Peter’s Basilica

Then the Bishop began saying Mass at the front of the basilica.

Holy Mass in the Basilica

Perfect timing for us, it was Sunday and we had not yet been to Mass.  Mass and holy communion at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.  A truly an incredible day!

3 thoughts on “Vatican City – May 27, 2012 – By Natalia

  1. I remember the swiss guards being your dad’s height…am I right? Thank you for the vatican pictures…so amazing to see it again from those perspectives! -Momar


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