Natalia – May 16, 2012 – By Lancelot

After a great nights sleep, we wake up again to an incredible view, and take the 2 hour drive back to Milan. We’re on our way to go pick up Natalia. At first dad wasn’t sure where to pick up Natalia, but he found out that all passengers could only exit through one place. Fortunately after that we had no trouble finding her.

Natalia in Milan

After she arrived we got her a prosciutto sandwich at the airport, yes even the airport food here is gourmet! Dad asked Natalia if she would prefer the quick freeway or the coastal road, of course Natalia picked  the coastal road. After winding through the coast for an hour, we stopped again in Genoa to pick up some lunch and a new SIM card for Natalia’s iPad. Our plans changed when we arrived in Genoa and the cell phone store was closed for their three-hour “siesta”.  Since we had nothing else to do for the next three hours we showed Natalia the city.  She obviously loved it since she thought it necessary to stop at every street corner for a new picture! At first she even got snapshots of the Italian street signs! We then grabbed lunch at the same pizzeria we had eaten at on the 14th.  Since we were sitting outside, we had a perfect view of an actor being chased by the paparazzi down that street! Once the cell phone store reopened, we finally got Natalia her SIM card, then headed back to our campsite.  At the campsite, Natalia showered and relaxed. For dinner we took Natalia to the Restaurant Tender again, they recognized us and made sure we got all the specials! Especially dessert! Dad asked the waiter to surprise us, and we were treated to tiramisu, panacotta custard, and Italian apple pie!

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