Le Brevent Lift – May 10 to May 11, 2012 – By Lancelot

Finally “Le Brevent Lift” Day! We wake up to a clear, crisp, perfect day! Exactly what we hoped for. On our way to the gondola, dad picked up some croissants for the trip to the top of Mount Blanc. As we ascend, Chamonix seems to shrink. Once we reach the top we are blown away by the view! On a clear day you can see much of France and some of Italy, and today is a very clear day! As we take in the spectacular view, ambitious skiers literally jump off the rails! We also take advantage of the snow. This snow isn’t like the powder we get in Dallas. It’s snow in every sense of the word and perfect for snowball fights! We all agree that it was a fantastic day.

Le Brevent Lift

On Top

All on Top

The Alps

The Alps

More Alps


On May 11, 2012, we continue our trip with a scenic drive through the French Alps, on our way to the French Riviera. Initially we were going to drive a country road, but snow blocked the road! Not a problem we deal with in Texas 😉 However, we were by no means disappointed by the drive through the Alps. On our way we passed through the town of Tigra. They just finished hosting a big ski event, so most of the tourists are gone, but the towns people are busy preparing for the next ski season.

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