Chamonix – May 9, 2012 – By Lancelot

We awoke anticipating a ride above the mountains on the “Mother of all Gondolas,” the famous Le Brevent Lift!  Unfortunately, it is a cloudy day.  Tomorrow the forecast is sunny…can’t wait!

We decided to hit the shops in Chamonix. We grabbed croissants for breakfast at a great bakery. The bakery also sold cookies, cakes and macaroons. We had never had French macaroons before, I have to say they are incredible!  We sampled chocolate, vanilla, coffee, and mint flavored macaroons.  After breakfast we explored the ski lodge shops that sold fancy camping equipment. We had extra time so we toured the town near our camp. This town is very close to Chamonix so many ski lodges and resorts are being built here.

We returned to our camp “Les Domes de Miage” to rest before the next adventure.

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