Road Gear – May 3, 2012 – By Lancelot

We awoke from a peaceful sleep in our tent.  We got some croissants for breakfast that were really we got more and decided to have a picnic by a river next to the village.  I was taking some pictures with the “Olympus om-d” my dad got me for the trip, and my brother came running up behind me and pushed me into the river.  SPLASH!  I was holding my camera and my  iPod, so I  thought they would be ruined.  But surprise! They still work..see the pictures.  The camera was weatherproof and they meant it.  The iPod cover protected the iPod, and it was worth every penny.

My camera

We left our picnic site, and the remaining croissant flakes, and headed to Beaune.  The road to Beaune is very  scenic and we were having a great time until dad thought he left his money belt back at the camp site.  We drove back and it was not there.  We called mom using FaceTime, with our iPad, what a great way to stay in touch.   Mom called the bank and cancelled the credit card, fortunately that was not our only card…After my mom cancelled the card, dad found the money belt…it was around his waist…Thank you St. Anthony!  We decided to camp in Beaune.  We had pizza again for dinner…not so yummy tonight…off to bed.

Did I tell you how easy it is to set up camp?  The tent,  takes under 7 minutes to assemble and disassemble.  It is also super light to carry.  The tent is a Big Agnus copper sper ultra light four.  Every camper should have this tent.  We also have Dream Walker 250 and 650 b  sleeping bags and Xbed pillows.  They are light, easy to clean and pack.  Just what you need for camping through Europe and you can get them at REI.


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