Annecy – May 6, 2012 – By Lancelot

It is Sunday and we attended mass at the beautiful Notre Dame in Lyon.

After mass we headed over to Annecy, in the French Alps.  We will camp by a lake surrounded by magnificent mountains.  The waters of Lake Annecy flow through the town of Annecy.   After we pitched our 7 minute tent, we went back to the town of Annecy to explore and enjoy some local fare.   We found a great park, with a beautiful old merry-go-round.

We stopped to admire the river flowing through Annecy and even spoke to some French boy scouts to tell them about our camping adventure.

We had dinner at a wonderful restaurant….but we forgot the name 🙂 ..but we didn’t forget the food.  We enjoyed risotto, steak, frits, and calf liver before going back to the camp site to sleep beneath the shadow of the mountains and the glistening stars.

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